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Baller City Youth Day Fundraiser!!

Date: June 21, 2014

Time: 1pm-4pm

Location: 125th Street bwt. Amsterdam & Morningside Ave.


Baller City



Start Date:

Friday July 15,2014


Games played @ Grant Houses (1315 Amsterdam Ave behind



All Games Fri., Sat., Sun.


All Teams play 6 games

All Teams make Playoffs

Referee Fee included





Biddy                       12’s               


Junior                      14’s                


High School              17 & Under     


College Freshmen      19’s      


Girls                                  JHS          









Harold  347.879.0401

Sport Programs

Basketball is not just an important way to stay fit . Movement is also fun and healthy, you can meet people and make new friendships. Find out!


Baller City Basketball Champions 2013

Back 2 Basics - 13's

Grant All-Stars win 1st place in the 13's division 2013...

Ball 4 Your Life 15's

Ball 4 Your Life wins 1st place in the 15's division 2013..

Kings 115th win 1st place in the 17's division 2012. 92nd Street Ballers 17's

92nd Street Ballers win 1st place in the 17's division..

Kingdome 115th 19's

Kingdome 115th take 1st place in the 19's division..


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